Private tours with a local guide
"Without Chiara’s assistance our trip to Rome would not have been the same."
- Dean Kimball
"If we ever make it back to Rome, we will not go anywhere without consulting Chiara."
-Scott and Leslie
"She made what would have been a totally overwhelming trip into one that was relaxed, simple, fun and educational"

Ciao, and welcome to Born&Bred in Rome!

My name is Chiara Mataloni, and I’ll be your guide for all the tours listed here.

I started out as a professional tourist guide after my PhD in Art History. I knew that a passion for food, a love of walking and a knack for talking had to intersect somewhere, and this job was definitely the sweet spot. I got my license in 2009 and I haven’t stopped since then. On any given day, you’ll find me going back and forth around the city with my clients, just as likely to be describing an incredible work of art as I am discussing the intricacies of Roman cuisine or the latest trendy gelateria around the corner.



  • Lisa gave us a great tour of the Coliseum and the Forum. With her archeological background, she highlighted points that we would never have noticed on our own. We had a 19-month-old and she was very mindful about what could keep him happy. Before visiting Rome, I'd read about the Coliseum and the Forum, but still learned a lot from Lisa. Having a personal tour guide is expensive (to me, anyway), but totally worth the cost.

    Katherine, Bryan, Yukari and Silvio Vatican
  • We had the pleasure of spending three days in Rome with Chiara, and loved every minute of our time with her. We took the Ancient Rome tour, the Vatican tour, and also a tour of Ostia Antica. Chiara's level of knowledge is astounding - we asked her a LOT of questions, and she was always ready with an in-depth answer. She has an obvious passion for Italy's art, history, archaeology, and culture, and an unflagging enthusiasm. It was beastly hot during our tour days and yet we never really felt the heat because she kept us thoroughly engaged and focused on the beautiful sites we visited. My only regret is that we could not bring her along with us for the rest of our Italy trip. We had other guides during our vacation, but none came close to Chiara. We love you Chiara, and hope to see you again someday! Thank you so much for an unforgettable experience.

    Patricia Mulford Ancient Rome
  • Chiara took our group of 4 through the Vatican, St Peters, the Custene Chapel,the Roman Colosseum, and the Roman Forum in 2 3 hour tours. She is extremely knowledgeable and very engaging. I enjoyed the tours tremendously. Chiara talks about the ancient Romans and brings them alive for you. She was very patient with her jet lagged travelers and offered cappuccino breaks during which she pulled out her notebook of pictures to teach us about what we were going to be seeing. Chiara is a gold standard to use in evaluating all other tour guides. She arranged for a driver to pick us up from our lodging the second morning of our tour. She gave me good advice about some places I had planned to see later in the week. You’ll be glad to choose Chiara as your tour guide.

    Laura Krug Vatican
  • Chiara is as good as it gets as a guide--she is a genuine expert in art history but more importantly she knows how to help you "see" in a new and deeper way. We were delighted by her ability to put the art or architecture in the context of the time and the artists work. She was also great to spend time with--in our case two mornings. She is fun and communicates well about arrangements as well as what we were experiencing. We so enjoyed our time with her that we are planning to go back for a deep dive over 2 or 3 weeks. She is worth whatever it costs to engage her. Wonderful!

    Patti Patrizi Around Rome
  • This was the third tour we had with Chiara and it was just as enjoyable and informative as the others. I can't say enough about how knowledgeable and passionate she is about her work. She helped us navigate the Vatican Museum amidst the crowds. She never rushed us through any of the exhibits, letting us spend as much time as we wanted at each place. Would highly recommend her for this and any of her other tours. She made us feel like family and provided us with excellent restaurant recommendations.

    MJ Vatican

After taking her tours, it feels like we truly made and have a friend in Rome!

Grazie Mille Chiara!


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Grazie mille!

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