Colosseum & Ancient Rome

An overview of Rome’s archaeological area, with an in-depth exploration of the Colosseum, climbing the Palatine Hill to see where the Imperial Palace once stood and walking through the ruins of the Roman Forum.

Duration: 3 hours
Includes: Colosseum – Palatine Hill – Roman Forum
Price (1-4 people): € 200 (prices may vary depending on season)
Additional tickets: Full Price: € 14
Reduced Price (kid 0-18 yo): € 2
You might need:  comfortable shoes, hat, bottle of water, sunscreen



The Ancient Rome tour covers the entire archaeological area of the Eternal City. Our first stop will of course be the Colosseum; the largest Amphitheatre ever built under the Roman Empire, and the most celebrated monument to violent entertainment in history with its gruesome fights, beasts and gladiators. We’ll learn the truth from the myths about the games while observing the arena from above, then we’ll walk the pathway along the inner wall to marvel at the technical expertise of the Romans and their building techniques. Simply amazing!
A relaxing stroll up the Palatine Hill is up next, and it’s no wonder Augustus picked this location for his luxurious Imperial Palace – with its green scenery and stunning view of the city, it’s definitely a treat. Walking back down, we’ll enter the Roman Forum, the old city centre where all the important temples and public buildings used to be, including the Roman Senate. This is truly the religious, political and economic hub of ancient Rome, and we’ll unpack the many layers (literally!) of the story of the city through the ages.

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the amazing dome of the Pantheon