Ostia Antica

An amazing trip back in time to see how the Romans lived in the seaside colony of Ostia Antica. We’ll leave the city behind to explore the well-preserved ruins of this once hip, bustling town.


Duration: 4 hours
Includes: Ostia Antica
Price (1-4 people): € 240
Additional tickets: Full Price: € 8
Reduced price (UE kids 18-25 yo): € 4
Free entrance: kids 0-17 yo
You might need:  comfortable shoes, sunscreen, bottle of water, hat


Ostia Antica, the ancient port of Rome, is one of the most important archeological sites in the world. Located near the coastal town of Ostia, the south-west seaside escape of choice for many Romans today, the colony counted 75,000 citizens around the 2nd century and served as the closest seaport to Rome in addition to its many attractions. This tour is a deep dive into the Romans’ way of life – the unique chance to walk around the tabernae to take a close look at where they used to sit down and enjoy a glass of wine, to explore their houses and public baths, to visit the local theatre and examine mosaics and frescos.
Similar to Pompeii but much closer to the capital, Ostia Antica is just a short train ride away from the city (30 mins, tickets €1,5 each way). Once the tour is over, you could also elect to partake in another Roman tradition – this time a contemporary one: taking a quick detour to Ostia for a fabulous plate of spaghetti allo scoglio on the beach!

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