Tivoli – Hadrian’s Villa and Villa d’Este

A one-day trip outside of Rome to see Villa Adriana and the fountains of Villa d’Este in Tivoli. Best enjoyed by car, touring these UNESCO World Heritage Sites is the perfect escape from the city.


Duration: 6 hours
Includes: Villa Adriana – Villa d’Este
Price (1-4 people):  € 340 (prices may vary depending on season)
price doesn’t include the transportation to and from Tivoli
Additional tickets: Villa Adriana:
Full Price: € 8
Reduced price (UE kids 18-25 yo): € 4
Free entrance: kids 0-17 yo

Villa d’Este:
Full Price: € 8
Reduced price (UE kids 18-25 yo): € 4
Free entrance: kids 0-17 yo

You might need:  comfortable shoes, sunscreen, bottle of water, hat


Burdened by his disgust for the chaos of Rome, and an even stronger contempt for the city’s Senate, Roman emperor Hadrian decided to relocate to Tivoli in the 2nd century. Of course, he did so in true imperial fashion, effectively building a brand new mini-Rome on top of this pleasant city north-east of the capital. The ruins of the villa include sculptures, artworks, gardens, steam baths and even a ‘Maritime Theatre’ with a small island in the center, where Hadrian could retire and think.
Following our lunch break we’ll move on to Villa d’Este, home to Cardinal Ippolito d’Este in the 16th century. After a series of unsuccessful attempts to get himself elected Pope, the Cardinal moved to Tivoli, cultivating the myths of his heritage (he claimed to be a descendent of Hercules) and of architectural spectacle – pretty evident today in the well-preserved aqueducts, amazing musical fountains (still working!) and water games he built.
An exciting and surprising experience, this tour combines unique attractions with the natural appeal of an out-of-town break.
Please note that Tivoli is about a 40-minute drive from Rome; as such, the tour requires a car or a driving service to reach the destination.

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