Borghese Gallery

Located in the quiet and peaceful Borghese gardens, the private collection in this art gallery ranges from ancient Roman statues to Bernini’s most celebrated masterpieces, the largest collection of Caravaggio’s paintings, Raphel, Titian and more.

Duration: 2 hours and 30 minutes
Includes: Galleria Borghese
Price (1-4 people): € 180 (prices may vary depending on season)
Additional tickets: Full price: € 15
Reduced price (UE students 18-25 yo): € 8,50
Free entrance: UE kids up to 18 yo
You might need:  bags, tripods and umbrella must be checked in the cloackroom


To grasp the importance of the Borghese Gallery, just picture this scene of early 17th-century Rome: a powerful Pope in charge of the Vatican; his nephew, a ruthless Cardinal with a love for art; a city being mined for its past, with almost daily uncoverings of incredible archaeological treasures; and in the background, two up-and-coming artists named Bernini and Caravaggio.
That’s how the collection in this Gallery came to be – still kept in its original location, and still the same vibrant blend of sublime art, vicious tyranny and murky betrayals. Cardinal Scipione Borghese masterminded the whole operation, going as far as incarcerating artist in order to steal their paintings (as in the case of poor Domenichino, guilty of not wanting to give up his stunning Diana’s Hunt).
Nestled inside Villa Borghese, one of Rome’s biggest parks, the Galleria Borghese includes works by the finest masters of the era – not just Bernini, who worked directly under the Cardinal, but Caravaggio, Raphael and Titian as well.




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