Capitoline Museums

The oldest museum in the world in the heart of ancient Rome, next to the Campidoglio. From the origins of the city itself to the developments of the Middle Ages, the Capitoline Museums encapsulate the whole history of Rome.

Duration: 3 hours
Includes: Capitoline Museums
Price (1/4 people): € 180 (prices may vary depending on season)
Additional tickets: Full price: € 14
Reduced price: € 12
Free entrance: kids up to 6 yo
You might need: comfortable shoes and a bottle of water

Having started its collection in 1471, when Pope Sisto IV donated items like the iconic Lupa to the city, the Capitoline Museums are truly a representation of Rome itself. Quite appropriately, our tour will start with Michelangelo’s piazza and the famous bronze statue of Marcus Aurelius which timelessly stands in its center (and which, ironically, is only standing because it was mistaken for Constantine in the Middle Ages). In the majestic Palazzo dei Conservatori we’ll find frescos detailing the history of Rome from Romulus and Remus’ mythical inception to Hannibal entering Italy with his elephants to take the fight to the Roman Republic. The museum is located on the Capitoline Hill, forever a crucial place in Roman history, once hosting the Temple of Jupiter Capitolinus as well as the current offices of the city’s mayor. We’ll see the ruins of the former and the beautiful view of the latter, which oversees the Roman Forum. We’ll then cross over to Palazzo Nuovo to explore the rest of the collection from the 18th century, with the option of a mid-tour coffee break at Terrazza Caffarelli, one of the most fulfilling panoramic spots in the entire city, stretching from the Pantheon to St Peter’s and from the Gianicolo to the entire city center.

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