Ciao, and welcome to Born&Bred in Rome!

My name is Chiara Mataloni, and I’ll be your guide for all the tours listed here.

I started out as a professional tourist guide after my PhD in Art History. I knew that a passion for food, a love of walking and a knack for talking had to intersect somewhere, and this job was definitely the sweet spot. I got my license in 2009 and I haven’t stopped since then. On any given day, you’ll find me going back and forth around the city with my clients, just as likely to be describing an incredible work of art as I am discussing the intricacies of Roman cuisine or the latest trendy gelateria around the corner.

The layered beauty and complexity of Rome, with centuries of history and countless masterpieces on offer, is uniquely suited to the private tour experience. It’s the best way to enjoy the Eternal City to the fullest.
While I put a lot of thought in designing the tours I offer on this website, I want to stress how important personalization is. Private tours can become something special when we know a bit more about each other – so get in touch and tell me about yourself and the people joining you on this trip.

Finally, if you need a tour on a specific date and I’m not available, I’ll be happy to refer you to some amazing colleagues that I can absolutely vouch for.



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