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Kids tour

Traveling with your family? You have the option of a special tour that is tailored to children while still being a rich, engaging experience for adults.

If you’re concerned about our tours not being suitable or enjoyable for your children, I can put your mind at ease. Born&Bred in Rome offers special kid-friendly tours built around the needs and pace of kids aged between 6 and 12. Rather than offering a simpler, more relaxed version of our regular tours, I prefer to focus on the interaction with children, through the use of dedicated materials and images that can stimulate and engage their young minds. Of course I’ll do my best to fine-tune the logistics of the tour as well, designing start times and breaks (maybe with a good gelato!) with them in mind, and generally offering more flexibility.

Ostia Antica

Ostia Antica

An amazing trip back in time to see how the Romans lived in the seaside colony of Ostia Antica. We’ll leave the city behind to explore the well-preserved ruins of this once hip, bustling town.  Continue reading

Colosseum and Triumphal Arch of Constantine

Colosseum & Ancient Rome

An overview of Rome’s archaeological area, with an in-depth exploration of the Colosseum, climbing the Palatine Hill to see where the Imperial Palace once stood and walking through the ruins of the Roman Forum. Duration:Continue reading