How can I book a tour?
It’s easy! Send an email to the address and be sure to mention the number of people, dates of choice, how well you know the city, and any other details and requests you may have. Will there be kids? What age? Remember – I will tailor the tour around you, so the more I know, the better.

Does the tour price include tickets to the site/attraction we’ll be visiting?
No. Some landmarks and museums require tickets to enter which are not included in the tour price. Once your booking is finalised, I’ll send you all the info and links to purchase the relevant tickets on the official, no-commission websites.

What exactly is the ‘skip the line’ guarantee?
When you’re part of a tour, you can access museums and other attractions without having to wait in line to purchase tickets. Please note that we may experience waiting times due to other causes, such as security checks at the entrances. I will always do my best to keep any of these events as short as possible.

How do I know where to meet up for a tour?
Every tour has a designed meeting point in the vicinity of our first attraction. It will be my responsibility to give you detailed instructions once you’ve booked the tour. If you want to be picked up directly at your hotel/house, this service can be arranged for a small fee.

Are the museums/attractions fully accessible for wheelchairs or baby strollers?
Museums are usually fully accessible, but some of the archaeological sites and parts of the city may present some difficulties. Be sure to let me know in advance and I’ll make sure your itinerary is as comfortable as possible.

What do I need to know/bring with me on the tour? How should I dress?
You’ll find tour-specific suggestions in each description. As a rule of thumb, Rome can get very hot in the summer – so hats, sunscreen and water are useful items to carry, along with comfortable shoes. Some churches and religious sites (the Vatican Museums among others) require knees and shoulders to be covered for both men and women. A shawl or scarf is appropriate for the shoulders; trousers or skirts must be BELOW the knee.

When visiting the Colosseum, can we go underground?
Underground tours of the Colosseum have very limited availability. You might want to check out this small-group tour that includes exclusive access to the underground section and the third upper tier of the Colosseum, along with the Palatino and the Roman Forum. Only a few slots available each month.

Do you offer any food&tasting tours?
Not at the moment, but it’s something I definitely have on my radar, so stay tuned! In the meantime, you may be interested in this tour organized by some friendly colleagues of mine. It’s a walk around the city center with stops at some of the most representative Roman food places. It is also totally customizable, so you can choose what you’ll be tasting (pizza, supplì, gelato, sweets, wine and more!).

I don’t feel like walking. What about a Vespa tour?
We all know Romans love their Vespas, but I’m all about walking! Try this if you’re interested in driving such an iconic vehicle through the most famous streets of Rome. They’ll even provide a driver for you if you don’t feel like navigating Roman traffic on your own.
And if you’re into biking, they’ll gladly swap the Vespa for a more eco-friendly option and take you around the parks as well. Regular and electric bikes available. Also suitable for children!

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